Conversion Optimizing with A/B Split Tests

If you don't try, you will never know.

You are constantly working on improving your website and therefore you should also can measure how successful your work is. Our A/B testing tool helps and allows you to test any modification on your website, to find out whether the change achieved more success than the original.

Variant A
Variant B
Variant C
Multivarianten-Test Layout

Multivariant Test: A/B/C/D

Many ideas? Test all variants!

You can test every element that you modify and optimize on your website and try several variants of modifications. It doesn't matter whether it is the color of a button, a headline, a text, or even the entire layout of your website.

Instincts and Feelings? Better test and analyze!

Instead of changing each element for all users immediately, determine the best suited content for your customers and optimize your website step by step up to the best version.

Select the winner

with the certainty of statistical significance

You shouldn't leave success to chance. Just as with the results of a test.
To ensure that your test results did not come into existence by chance, we will check it for statistical significance. This will give you the certainty that your performed A/B test has selected a real winner and was not chosen by random.

A/B Test Bericht Screenshot

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