For the Optimization of your Conversion Rate.

With a funnel, you can evaluate visitor paths and processes through several steps to a destination of your web page and visualize the success.

You get answers to questions like:

"How many people visited page A and after that did B? And how many of these people did C and continued and did D and E?"
"Which traffic sources and campaigns have these people used to discover my site and which browser is used?"

It doesn't matter how many days, weeks or months the visitor will need to complete all the steps. The funnel analysis can be evaluated across multiple visits.

Easily identify the pages and processes, where you lose customers.

Control the success of your ordering process, user registration, newsletter or your contact form and optimize your conversion rate.
Funnels can be used for any process of your web page. You can populate the funnel with various pages and events you like. The analysis will be started directly and in real time.

Learn which percentage of your visitors reach the next step and how much time it will take to finish.

Funnel Segments

Identify the best and worst groups of visitors

With each funnel analysis you can compare different segments of visitors. Browser, referrer, campaign and many other properties can be chosen as a segment. The best and worst segments are highlighted in color. So, you can find out quickly whether there is a problem with a certain group and you can act immediately.

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