Ecommerce numbers

How successful is your online business?

The most important numbers at a glance.

Your Ecommerce dashboard shows you in real-time all current data for insights into your performance. Additionally you will see the change and estimation for the current period depending on the selected time period.

With the conversion rate you will see at a glance how many of your website visitors become customers.

How successful is your shopping cart?

How many of your customers, who add products to the shopping cart, will really order? The Cart Abandonment Rate gives you information about that.

How long takes the average time to the shopping cart or the average time to order?

We provide you with answers to these questions and help you to even better understand your customers.

Shopping Cart Analytics Shopping Cart Analytics
Product Analytics

Product statistics

Learn in real-time, which are be the best performing products and categories. In addition to the current revenue, you will see the sold quantity, number of transactions, shopping cart value and quantity.

Traffic sources and referers

At a glance, see which traffic source will bring the most sales and where it is worth to invest more.

Many more interesting reports

In addition to the three mentioned reports, you get the revenue, quantity and number of transactions in the following reports on your dashboard:

  • Campaigns
  • Affiliates
  • Shipping methods
  • Payment methods
  • Browser
  • Operating systems
  • Countries

A/B Split Tests

Experiments to increase revenue

Test different versions of your website and immediately see the impact on revenue, quantity and number of orders.

Variant A
Variant B
Variant C

Customer Profiles

instead of visitors and sessions.

Connect your customer database with your web analytics.

Customer profile

With Stetic you will get to know your customers and understand their needs even better.

This helps you to optimize your website - and your customers for a better shopping experience.

Data-driven analytics

for the deeper insight into your data.

Go even more into the detail of your data and analyze individual attributes, which can be determined by you. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Customer segments
Customer segments Customer segments

stetic.track('order', {
  id: '12345',
  total: 1620.00
  products: [
    id: 'A123',
    quantity: 1,
    name: 'Example Product',
    category: 'Example',
    price: 60.00

Easy integration

To get started you only have to integrate a little code snippet into your website and just send us an event as soon as a shopping cart or order action happens.

The transfer of data is done directly in JavaScript and is encrypted using SSL for your safety.

What are you waiting for?

Start the analysis of your online shop now.