Conversion Funnel Analysis.

Know where you're losing customers.

With the funnel analysis you can easily see where your visitors drop off. You can use this metrics for the optimization of your website to improve your conversions with existing visitors.

So you can optimize existing processes on your website and reduce the costs of new customer acquisitions at the same time.

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Variant A
Variant B
Variant C

A/B Split Tests

Experiments to Increase Your Success

Test different versions of your website, to make sure that you use the version that generates the most revenue and has the most success.

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Ecommerce Analytics Dashboard

Ecommerce Analytics

Monitor the Performance of your Online Store.

Your Ecommerce dashboard keeps you always up to date about your current and your past performance. Learn how successful your shopping cart is, which products are the best-selling or which traffic source generates the highest sales.

Our reports help you to better understand your customers and to increase your conversions.

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Stetic Search

Analysis for your Google Keywords with real Ranking Data

With Stetic Search you have access to real ranking data provided by Google. You can find out the important metrics for your website and keywords: Impressions, Clicks, CTR and Ranking Position.

In addition to keywords, you will get an overview of all your listed URL's, the usage in different countries and which devices (desktop, tablet or mobile) are used to find your website.

Stetic Search Dashboard

Learn how active your visitors really are..

Use our exclusive and innovative technology to track the activity of your users.

Other Web Analytics Tools still measuring the time of a visit. We go a step further and measuring the activity time, the visitor is reading, writing, scrolling or clicking.

In addition, with every page request Stetic measures the scroll depth. So you can see how far visitors are scrolling on your page and how much of your content they consume.

So you can optimize the KPI's of your website that really matter.

0sActivity time 0%Scroll depth

Notifications - iPhone Notification


in Real time for iPhone, iPad, Twitter & Email.

You can use Notifications to get notified about specific visitors and actions on your web page or about the current state of your statistics. The notification can be sent by Email, Apple Push Notification or a direct message on Twitter.

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Analysis of targeted groups of visitors.

Define segments of visitors based on her properties and actions. You can choose from many different filters to analyze your visitors and create custom reports for all details.

Data-driven analytics

for the deeper insight into your data.

Go even more into the detail of your data and analyze individual attributes, which can be determined by you. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Customer segments
Visitor Segmentation

Customer segments


Live Dashboard

with overview of the most important analytics.

On your personal dashboard you will see the current status of your statistics. Default values such as number of visits, page views, time on site, bounce rate, conversion rate, page load time, and much more are displayed clearly for different time periods.

In addition, you will see a Live stream of visitors that are currently on your website. Check the most important key performance indicators and hit lists based on a selected periods of time.

Stetic - Web Analytics since 2004

Web Analytics for more than 50.000 Websites.

Campaign Tracking

Analyze the success of your marketing.

You can use our campaign tracking to measure the success of advertising campaigns. The number of visitors, pages impressions, time on site, bounce rate and conversion rate are automatically tracked per campaign. In addition, the campaign parameters can be used for the segmentation in many other tools and reports.

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Tag Kampagnen


White-Label Analytics

with your own domain and name

Your own Web Analytics Software with your logo, your design and with your name. Easily set up your own Analytics Software in just a few seconds and attach your own domain. Perfect for agencies and Web designers.

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Stetic iPhone App

Apps for iPhone and Android

for mobile access to your statistics.

Use our App for iPhone and Android to be always

User adminstration

User management

with access to certain projects.

Give your team, clients or friends access to certain projects.

Tools API


Connect your application with Stetic.

With the Stetic Api you have always access to your data.

File Export

CSV and XML Export.

Easily export your data.

In many reports you can export the data in CSV or XML format.

There is still more! The standard reports and features should of course not be missing:


Reports for all pages of your website including number of impressions, visitors, time on site, page load time, activity time, scroll depth and bounce rate.


Learn how visitors will find your website and determine your website's traffic sources.

Visitor log

Look at the details of all your website visitors and filter certain segments through countless properties.


Analyse the actions that your visitors perform. You can find the Clickpaths as a separate report and in all visitor details.

Download tracking

Which files are downloaded by the users?

External links

Which external links has been clicked?


Which days and at what time is the busiest?

Visitor details

Reachable from every hit and visitor list. Find out more!


Which software your visitors are using?

Operating system

Windows, Mac, Linux or completely different systems?

Mobile devices

Which mobile devices are used on your website?

Screen resolution

Important for web designers and web developers.

Browser window size

Which size has the browser window of your users?


Learn in which countries your website and app is used.

Search engines

From which search engines coming your visitors most?


Which keywords will be used to find your website and which position has the keyword in search engines?

SSL Encryption

Sichere Übertragung für das Tracking und Deiner Berichte.

Statistics by E-Mail

Daily or weekly stats per email.


Additional information text for your website and a revoking tool.

Block visitors

Easily ignore individual visitors or groups of visitors.

Plugins & Extensions

For easy integration without coding.

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