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If you use the Contao CMS, you do not have to integrate the html code manually. You can easily download our plugin and activate the tracking in just a few steps. The plugin also provides a dashboard in your Contao admin with a overview of all important statistics.

Installation in a few steps

For the setup you need a running Contao installation and your project id, as well as the API key from your settings page.

Install extension

  1. In the Contao admin on the left in the system menu choose Extension management
  2. On the top right click on Install extention
  3. Type 4stats in the search field and click Continue
  4. Choose the latest version and click Continue
  5. Confirm the action summary by clicking oncontinue
  6. Update database by clicking on update


  1. In the Contao admin on the left in the layout menu choose Site structure
  2. Click Edit to the right of the root page
  3. Under 4stats type in your project id and the API key.
  4. Click Save to save the settings.


Github repository
Stetic extension at Contao

Current version: 1.0.0


1.0.0 First release