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If you own a online store and use Shopware as shop software you do not have to integrate the html code manually, you can easily download our plugin and activate the tracking in just a few steps.

The extension offers the tracking of all important actions in the Shopping cart, Ordering process, Wishlist and much more.
So you can use our popular Ecommerce Analytics to monitor your online store.

Installation in a few steps

1Log in to Stetic

Loggen Sie sich in Stetic ein und gehen Sie in die Einstellungen Ihres Projektes unter "Aktuelles Projekt > Einstellungen".
Die Daten, die Sie hier sehen, benötigen Sie für die Installation bzw. Integration.

2Install Shopware Plugin

Für die Installation benötigen Sie eine lauffähige Shopware-Installation (<= Version 5.2.12) und Ihren Site-Token.

  1. Download the plugin as a ZIP archive in Stetic under Installation > Shopware
  2. In your Shopware admin select the menu item Configuration > Plugin Manager
  3. Click the button "Add plugin manually" and then "Select plugin"
  4. Choose the previous downloaded Zip and click "Upload plugin"
  5. After successful upload install the plugin by clicking on the green plus behind the plugin name.
  6. Under Site Token enter your token Your Project token from your settings page

4Configure Stetic

  1. In your project settings choose the item Events
  2. In the left menu click bellow click on the cog icon for the settings and choose Load Shopware Events


Github repository: Stetic Shopware-Plugin